[Pidgin] #11336: Voice chat not working.

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Wed Feb 10 17:11:37 EST 2010

#11336: Voice chat not working.
 Reporter:  sarg          |     Owner:  rekkanoryo
     Type:  defect        |    Status:  new       
Component:  unclassified  |   Version:  2.6.5     
 Keywords:                |  
 Using libpurple 2.6.5, pidgin 2.6.5, libnice 0.10 built with upnp-igd,
 farsight2-0.0.17 built with upnp-igd

 Trying to make audio/video from sarg at sarg.org.ru (google apps) to fly-
 away at jabber.ru (pidgin too).

 I can see my partner, but can't hear, and he can't both hear and see me.

 When we are doing voice call, everything works ok. And when i'm using
 public ip, voice and video are working. But if i trying to make call
 behind router with upnp, strange things happen.

 So, i ran pidgin with NICE_DEBUG=all and maked logs.
 Also, i checked with tcpdump, that traffic seems to be flowing between us.

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