[Pidgin] #11364: Wrong gtk tab font color in chat window

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Sat Feb 13 08:35:35 EST 2010

#11364: Wrong gtk tab font color in chat window
Reporter:  VCoolio  |        Type:  defect              
  Status:  new      |   Component:  pidgin (gtk)        
 Version:  2.6.4    |    Keywords:  tabs font colors gtk
 The tabs in a message/chatroom list window all listen to fg[ACTIVE] for
 the font color, while the active tab should listen to fg[NORMAL].
 Confusing I know. This is an issue with a gtk theme that has different
 backgrounds for the tabs, for example black tabs for active and white tabs
 for inactive, with opposite colors for the fonts.

 To reproduce, add this snippet into ~/.gtk-2.0 (or use this gtk theme:
 http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php?content=119286 ) and restart

 style "tabtest" {
   fg[NORMAL] = "red"
   fg[ACTIVE] = "blue"

 widget_class "*GtkNotebook*" style "tabtest"

 This will affect a lot more than just the tab selection buttons, but I'm
 just showing the problem. The tabs in the preferences window etc are ok,
 it's only the tabs in the chat window. With the above snippet, all tabs
 have blue labels, while the active/selected/foreground tab should have a
 red label.

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