[Pidgin] #11392: no sound on particular event

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Wed Feb 17 06:59:49 EST 2010

#11392: no sound on particular event
 Reporter:  hawran.diskuse  |     Owner:  rekkanoryo
     Type:  defect          |    Status:  new       
Component:  unclassified    |   Version:  2.6.2     
 Keywords:  sound           |  
 Hi, there's not any sound on a particular event even I can hear it when I
 preview it. The other events work fine.[[BR]]
 "Message sent" is the event.[[BR]]
 What's wrong?

 Pidgin 2.6.2
 (libpurple 2.6.2) 95470d310d5d3a229c0b9fc4232da9bfeafaeb5b[[BR]]

 Linux 2.6.31-19-generic #56-Ubuntu SMP Thu Jan 28 01:26:53 UTC 2010 i686

 gnome:Version: 2.28.1

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