[Pidgin] #11400: Fail to login to sametime using SSO

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Thu Feb 18 08:02:47 EST 2010

#11400: Fail to login to sametime using SSO
 Reporter:  db            |     Owner:  rekkanoryo
     Type:  defect        |    Status:  new       
Component:  unclassified  |   Version:  2.6.5     
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 I try to connect to a Sametime server but my login attempts fails with an
 invalid username/password error. Using the client built in into Notes
 (7.0.2) works as expected.

 I think Notes is set up to use Single Sign-on. Don't know if this is the

 Debug log from a failed login attempt:

 (14:01:12) account: Connecting to [sametime account].
 (14:01:12) connection: Connecting. gc = 01CEE210
 (14:01:12) meanwhile: adding cipher RC2/40 Cipher
 (14:01:12) meanwhile: adding cipher RC2/128 Cipher
 (14:01:12) sametime: user: 'username'
 (14:01:12) sametime: host: 'host'
 (14:01:12) sametime: port: 1533
 (14:01:12) dnsquery: Performing DNS lookup for host
 (14:01:12) dnsquery: IP resolved for t2online
 (14:01:12) proxy: Attempting connection to
 (14:01:12) proxy: Connecting to host:1533 with no proxy
 (14:01:12) proxy: Connection in progress
 (14:01:12) proxy: Connecting to host:1533.
 (14:01:12) proxy: Connected to host:1533.
 (14:01:12) meanwhile: session state: starting
 (14:01:12) meanwhile: session state: handshake sent
 (14:01:12) meanwhile: session state: handshake acknowledged
 (14:01:12) meanwhile: session state: login sent
 (14:01:12) meanwhile: session state: stopping (0x80000211)
 (14:01:12) connection: Connection error on 01CEE210 (reason: 2
 description: Incorrect Username/Password)
 (14:01:12) meanwhile: session state: stopped (0x80000211)
 (14:01:12) account: Disconnecting account [sametime account] (00D6B8C0)
 (14:01:12) connection: Disconnecting connection 01CEE210
 (14:01:12) meanwhile: attempted to stop session that is already
 (14:01:12) connection: Destroying connection 01CEE210

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