[Pidgin] #11413: AIM login error

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Fri Feb 19 14:13:49 EST 2010

#11413: AIM login error
 Reporter:  Shridrea     |     Owner:  MarkDoliner
     Type:  defect       |    Status:  new        
Component:  AIM          |   Version:  2.6.6      
 Keywords:  Login error  |  
 In both the last version of Pidgin and the most current (I updated today)
 I get an error message for logging into AIM. This is what the error says:

 Received unexpected response from
 http://api.oscar.aol.com/aim/startOSCARSession: useTLS=1 is not allowed
 for non secure requests.

 I have to tell you, I'm fairly inept when it comes to computer. I can turn
 them on, write papers, and break things. That is about it. So, I've not
 done anything to try to fix this problem. I don't even know where to

 If anyone could help me out, it would be wonderful.

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