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#10617: Option to group contacts by server
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Comment(by deryni):

 No protocol that I'm aware of actually supports nested groups, which makes
 any such display client-side only (as well as not carrying over between
 instances of the client), which makes the feature somewhat less useful
 than it might otherwise be. Not to mention how that complicates actually
 storing the buddies on the server (which group should they actually be in,
 most protocols require buddies to be in some group or other).

 Nested groups add, as far as I can see, approximately one thing over
 uniquely named groups (MSN - Friends, AIM - Friends, etc.) and that would
 be the ability to collapse the nesting group to hide all the nested
 groups, and that is a rather small feature for the price in complexity
 they would require to do as anything beyond being purely a sorting

 finch supports the pure sorting version of this sort of thing, we just
 don't think it makes sense in pidgin.

 I do, however, still maintain that we should make it easier to replace
 just the buddy list tree view component in the pidgin Buddy List window
 (without needing to implement the rest of the Buddy List window's

 Oh and for the record, when you get something for free you don't really
 have the right to "demand" that whoever gave it to you give you something
 else instead. You are free to not use pidgin if it doesn't meet your needs
 the same way we are free not to implement anything we don't want to
 implement. So, if this feature is vital to your usage and you absolutely
 cannot live without it (and do not want to use finch or the unique group
 name workaround) then good luck using the client which gives you what you
 want, I hope it makes you happy.

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