[Pidgin] #11389: User specified Protocl Icon per Account

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#11389: User specified Protocl Icon per Account
 Reporter:  jaymcmeans         |        Owner:  rekkanoryo  
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  Version:  2.6.5              |   Resolution:              
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Comment(by deryni):

 pidgin defaults to not displaying protocol icons for buddy list entries
 because this information is largely unimportant, which means this lack of
 distinction isn't even visible by default.

 That being said, I don't see the harm in supporting this sort of thing.

 In fact, there is a [http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0232.html Software
 Version XEP] which documents how XMPP entities (it specifically mentions
 clients but I can't see why it shouldn't also apply to servers) can
 indicate an icon that identifies them. If we were to support this sort of
 thing I'd say we should support it through that mechanism. That is we
 should use the standard XMPP icon at first, then when we get the XEP-232
 response we can allow the user to opt to using that icon instead.

 Note, I don't know that any servers support that XEP yet, nor do I know
 that if any support it they include a custom icon there.

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