[Pidgin] #11403: Could not set icon for AIM in 2.6.6

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#11403: Could not set icon for AIM in 2.6.6
 Reporter:  NishaKitty  |        Owner:  MarkDoliner
     Type:  defect      |       Status:  pending    
Milestone:              |    Component:  AIM        
  Version:  2.6.6       |   Resolution:             
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Changes (by NishaKitty):

  * status:  pending => new


 Replying to [comment:7 darkrain42]:
 > Right, this is a file size issue, as that log indicates.

 (10:45:25) buddyicon: Could not convert to jpg: Image type 'jpg' is not

 It kinda seems to me that it's a coversion issue, the conversion fails and
 Pidgin tries to set the bmp as the file? Looks exactly like that to me
 actually, cause the file size it returns as trying to set is the exact
 size of the orginal bmp.

 I saved the bmp in Gimp with the following settings:

 Quality: 90
 Optimize: Yes
 Progressive: Yes
 Subsampling: 1x1 1x1 1x1 (best quality)
 DCT method: Floating Point

 and the image came out at 6.4KiB, and these settings are a lot higher than
 most default settings for jpg.

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