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#10617: Option to group contacts by server
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Comment(by deryni):

 Taking your comments out of order.

 You have no more guarantees that they will see your message in a dedicated
 client than you do in an web browser. Closing windows happens in both,
 crashes happen the same to both, power outages happen the same to both,
 transient network issues blocking the message from getting through happen
 to both, etc. so that argument is weak at best.

 I apologize for failing to notice that the nested groups discussion was
 not the original discussion, that's what I get for jumping in half-way.

 As a design decision pidgin has intentionally abstracted away the
 requirement to know what protocol the other person is using. So features
 that bring that back to prominence are not generally things we are
 interested in. I stand by the statement that this sort of thing really is
 a sorting issue, the fact that you want them sorted at the group display
 level as opposed to within a single displayed group entry is a detail not
 a core difference.

 You are entirely free to name your groups however you see fit (including
 with network/server/protocol tags) though that would cause them to show up
 as such in other clients obviously (and I imagine some restrictive servers
 may not actually allow that, I know Facebook does not for instance).

 I do not believe a buddy list sorting plugin can affect the displayed
 names of groups (at least in pidgin, it may be possible in finch I'm not
 sure). I don't believe they can affect the names of buddy entries either
 at least officially (though I'm less certain about this).

 Furthermore, as a result of the volume of the response we got when we
 originally removed the protocol icons from the buddy list (and almost
 entirely because someone wrote a patch for it) the buddy list has an
 option to display the protocol icon of a buddy list entry (which while not
 entirely the same as what you asked for is related and may help).

 I'm more than happy to discuss this issue further if there is more to
 discuss as well as more than happy to provide help for enabling solutions
 to this to be implemented (extending the buddy list sorting plugins to
 encompass the entire buddy list as opposed to functioning just group-
 internally for example).

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