[Pidgin] #11290: add bonjour ipv6 support

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Sun Feb 21 12:25:27 EST 2010

#11290: add bonjour ipv6 support
 Reporter:  tux                     |        Owner:  datallah
     Type:  patch                   |       Status:  new     
Milestone:  Patches Needing Review  |    Component:  Bonjour 
  Version:  2.6.5                   |   Resolution:          
 Keywords:  ipv6 bonjour            |  

Comment(by datallah):

 Replying to [comment:6 darkrain42]:
 > Replying to [comment:5 datallah]:
 > >  * Update the file transfer code to support IPv6
 > >   * I don't believe that the core purple_network_listen code is doing
 the right thing yet, but if it does, then bonjour file transfers *should*
 > Would you mind talking about this?  Marcus and I were talking about this
 a little (in the context of XMPP and the code I committed a few days ago)
 and we both also weren't sure purple_network_listen is doing the right
 thing.  It seems to me like it would make more sense for it
 purple_network_listen() to attach to a wildcard address (either or
 ::) on the specified port, instead of finding the first that succeeds, and
 it also should take an "IPv4 or IPv6" option.
 > Is that what you were thinking of or did you have something else in

 Changes along the lines of what you're talking about are what I had
 I'm not sure about the removal of the finding a port in the range - it
 seems like that is pretty useful (and if we're specifying the protocol
 should still be possible).

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