[Pidgin] #11424: Prevent "typing notifications" before first message

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Mon Feb 22 02:06:40 EST 2010

#11424: Prevent "typing notifications" before first message
 Reporter:  phq                          |     Owner:  rekkanoryo
     Type:  enhancement                  |    Status:  new       
Component:  unclassified                 |   Version:  2.6.2     
 Keywords:  typing notification privacy  |  
 When I open a new window for a buddy and start typing most clients,
 including pidgin, start to send the "typing notifications" even though the
 receiving end usually won't use it.

 There are however plugins that make use of this, such as the "Psychic
 Mode" plugin that open the chat window before the first message has

 I suggest that when a chat window is newly opened and thus empty, no
 notifications will be sent until any end has sent a message.
 From a single client perspective, a newly opened window will not send any
 notifications until it has sent or received a message.

 For most uses this will not change their chat experience.

 The current behavior is a problem since it will send messages that most
 user is not aware of. This can thus be seen as a privacy problem. However
 most troublesome is when some users do get aware of it and start hesitate
 to even start typing, usually you could abort by simply closing the
 window, but with the current state the other end might already know that
 you did type and start asking questions.

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