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#11433: Support Google Talk Shared Statuses
 Reporter:  Ecnassianer                      |        Owner:  darkrain42 
     Type:  enhancement                      |       Status:  new        
Milestone:  Patches Needing Review           |    Component:  Google Talk
  Version:  2.6.6                            |   Resolution:             
 Keywords:  google buzz gtalk shared status  |  

Comment(by moxfyre):

 ayanc, deryni, darkrain, etc: I think there are several issues here.

 On the one hand, Google's implementation of XMPP is slightly annoying.
 The way Google Talk uses XMPP status is confusing for interoperability
 ("Busy" means XMPP's DND, "Idle" means XMPP's Away).  And
 [http://code.google.com/apis/talk/jep_extensions/shared_status.html their
 implementation of invisibility as part of Shared Status] isn't ideal
 either... although perhaps this was chosen because it's hard to implement
 invisibility in XMPP on a per-resource basis.

 Secondly, Shared Status is a useful feature to some (ayanc and me, at
 least), and unwanted by others.  That's okay.  Google Talk's XMPP service
 works fine even with a combination of supporting/non-supporting clients.

 But Ayanc's point, I think, is the most important issue: whatever you
 think of them, Google Talk supports these mechanisms, so Pidgin probably
 should too.  It appears that Pidgin has gone out of its way to implement
 features of IM protocols that are much more poorly-designed and badly-

 If ayanc's Shared Status + Invisibility patch is accepted into Pidgin, it
 could be enabled by default for Google Talk accounts, and disabled for
 other XMPP accounts.  Google Talk already has its own account
 configuration type, so this would probably be pretty easy to do.  This
 would more-or-less match the semantics of Pidgin to Gmail's Chat client,
 and probably put a halt to the endless stream of bug reports complaining
 that Invisibility doesn't work with Pidgin!

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