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Fri Feb 26 10:21:33 EST 2010

#1710: even more improved "buddy list searching"
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Comment(by BoffinbraiN):

 Since I just created an account today to report on other bugs, I thought I
 would give some input here.

 Despite using Pidgin for about 2 years, I didn't find out about the type-
 to-search feature until recently, which unfortunately shows how
 undiscoverable and unintuitive it is.  Also, it's not as powerful as the
 auto-suggest feature in the New IM window because it only works for
 usernames (and it's already been mentioned that hidden contacts are not
 revealed).  Even the New IM functionality doesn't cater for all needs
 because sometimes the user may want to perform some arbitrary action on a
 contact which doesn't involve sending them a message or opening a
 conversation window.

 To solve all these problems, I really believe Pidgin's interface should
 include a prominent search bar above the contact list which, when used,
 will override all views and filters to show contacts that match the search
 by e-mail or username (and yes, partial match at any position please!).

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