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#11433: Support Google Talk Shared Statuses
 Reporter:  Ecnassianer                      |        Owner:  darkrain42 
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Comment(by deryni):

 Responding to comments on #4509 here:

 moxfyre: Yes, Google Talk only supports invisiblity via Shared Status
 support. But Google Talk is not equivalent to XMPP, so a ticket requesting
 XMPP invisibility is technically a separate thing than a ticket requesting
 Google Talk invisibility (especially since a fix for one is not a fix for
 the other).

 ayanc: I'm going to give you the same answer I've given people for years
 when they ask about how to get invisibility or better invisibility, etc.
 in pidgin/other places which is to teach your friends to actually be
 respectful human beings. If they don't understand that "Away - Busy" or
 "DND - Meeting" means "Don't talk to me now unless it is really important"
 and you cannot simply ignore the fact that they are sending you messages
 you need to get better friends. Yes, I realize that is not exactly helpful
 but neither is lying to your friends/etc. since you can't actually expect
 them to act like adults.

 As I said in my previous comment, I have no problem with opt-in, on-
 demand, and avoidable shared status systems, I have problems with the
 Google Talk system (and the baggage bundling it with invisibility forces
 on us if we want to support invisibility).

 pidgin has always chosen not to support bits of protocols that simply do
 not fit the way pidgin is designed and/or are seen as too broken (take for
 example the current lack of support for MSN named chatrooms). Popularity
 and user-base have never been the sole (or even particularly major)
 driving factors in pidgin development (as a whole, individual developers
 can be motivated by anything they want to be motivated by).

 How would you present a configurable option for something like this? Where
 would you put it? What would you call it? "Enable shared status support
 and invisibility"? No one will understand that. It is exactly the
 conjoined nature of these two features that I dislike the most.

 The fact that Google Talk decided the choices of available statuses in the
 XMPP protocol were too great and "simplified" them down thereby breaking
 things like DND and XA is most unfortunate, but not exactly a greatly
 motivating factor for working around that brokenness by introducing as
 many side-effects as problems one removes.

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