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Sat Feb 27 05:43:01 EST 2010

#11464: [PATCH] errors in windows build system
 Reporter:  bviktor                        |     Owner:  rekkanoryo
     Type:  patch                          |    Status:  new       
Component:  unclassified                   |   Version:  2.6.6     
 Keywords:  windows build nss nspr libxml  |  
 i wanted to give mingw64 a try, but then i ended up struggling to compile
 x86 pidgin with cygwin. the BuildingWinPidgin page contains a few
 inconsistencies. i already fixed 2 of them, just check the history but it
 should be ok.

 there are other errors left which prevent the user from successfully
 compiling pidgin on windows.

 first off, nss+nspr. the 2-years old release simply didn't want to
 compile. i was looking for newer builds but it turned out there isn't any,
 so i ended up building nss+nspr myself. the result:


 nss+nspr merged builds in 6 flavours. i used nss-3.12.5-with-nspr-4.8.2
 -winnt-opt-obj. the win95 version could be used easily by changing path in
 one of my diffs, no problems.

 i intend to keep them up to date. there's some action needed on the user's
 part, however. after he extracts the archive to win32-dev, there will be


 in that folder there are 3 subfolders, private, public and
 WINNT6.1_OPT.OBJ. public/nss/* needs to be copied/moved to
 WINNT6.1_OPT.OBJ/include. you may ask, why is it so complicated: because
 the nss build system generates it this way and i don't want to mess with

 now go on to the patches.

 1) libpurple-Makefile.mingw.diff: simple. headers have been moved to a

 2) libpurple-plugins-ssl-Makefile.mingw.diff: renaming again, nspr4 ->
 libnspr4, plc4 -> libplc4, plds4 -> libplds4. additionally, now nssutil3
 and sqlite3 are required for ssl to work.

 3) libpurple-protocols-bonjour-Makefile.mingw.diff: same as 1)

 4) libpurple-protocols-jabber-Makefile.mingw.diff: same as 1)

 5) libpurple-win32-global.mak.diff: someone forgot to update libxml2
 version here after updating the wiki page. also update nss path to use the
 new package. nss and nspr are merged so use the same path.

 6) pidgin-plugins-perl-common-Makefile.mingw.diff: a missing include here.

 7) pidgin-win32-winpidgin.c.diff: it gave me undeclared identifier errors
 with LANG_BOSNIAN check (apparently it was defined while sublangs
 arent't), so i made it more explicit. if this is incorrect this way, sorry

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