[Pidgin] #12732: Users unable to type in chatroom

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Sun Oct 10 13:04:59 EDT 2010

#12732: Users unable to type in chatroom
 Reporter:  jls13     |     Owner:  deryni
     Type:  defect    |    Status:  new   
Component:  XMPP      |   Version:  2.6.6 
 Keywords:  chatroom  |  
 We used pidgin xmpp over a VPN on citrix servers and Openfire to manage
 it. After creating a room I can find the room on the list and enter the
 room but am the only person able to type in it. Other users icons don't
 appear nor can they type in the room. Room is moderated. I should mention
 this is only happening in 1 of the many rooms we have.

 Debugging Information
   Plugins: Enabled
   SSL: SSL support is present.
   GTK+ Runtime: 2.14.7
   Glib Runtime: 2.18.4

Ticket URL: <http://developer.pidgin.im/ticket/12732>
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