[Pidgin] #12745: --force-online doesn't work, -f works

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Wed Oct 13 14:49:48 EDT 2010

#12745: --force-online doesn't work, -f works
Reporter:  ari    |        Type:  defect      
  Status:  new    |   Component:  pidgin (gtk)
 Version:  2.7.3  |    Keywords:              
 From http://bugs.debian.org/600058:

 Anyone upgrading from a pre network-manager installation will try that
 option, and get quite frustrated as pidgin will not connect to any server.

 It's just a typo, see attached patch.

 Index: pidgin-2.7.3/pidgin/gtkmain.c
 --- pidgin-2.7.3.orig/pidgin/gtkmain.c
 +++ pidgin-2.7.3/pidgin/gtkmain.c
 @@ -551,7 +551,7 @@
         struct option long_options[] = {
                 {"config",       required_argument, NULL, 'c'},
                 {"debug",        no_argument,       NULL, 'd'},
 -               {"force-online", no_argument,       NULL, 'd'},
 +               {"force-online", no_argument,       NULL, 'f'},
                 {"help",         no_argument,       NULL, 'h'},
                 {"login",        optional_argument, NULL, 'l'},
                 {"multiple",     no_argument,       NULL, 'm'},

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