[Pidgin] #12749: [ICQ] Buddy list disappears from both - pidgin and server

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#12749: [ICQ] Buddy list disappears from both - pidgin and server
 Reporter:  harvie  |     Owner:  MarkDoliner
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 I've found that you can simply loose all your buddies if you are using
 some national characters in group names. (Which is very unlucky since even
 the default pidgin group "Friends" have special national characters in
 it's name when using translated pidgin, eg. in Czech language it's

 characters like ěščřžýáíéůú and similar seems to be most problematic.

 I guess it's problem with incompatibility on ICQ servers, but for example
 QIP does not have those issues.

 We need to do following:
 1.) disable user to rename group to name containing something else than
 a-z,A-Z,0-9,-,. and few similar common characters. so we'll prevent users
 from using unpredictable characters in group names.
 2.) disable actions on groups containing those baned characters (moving
 group in buddylist, moving buddies between those groups, etc...) because
 such actions are triggering this issue and will probably cause loose of
 3.) think about regular automatic full-backups of blist.xml and some
 mechanism to restore server-side contact list from this backups.

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