[Pidgin] #12749: [ICQ] Buddy list disappears from both - pidgin and server

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#12749: [ICQ] Buddy list disappears from both - pidgin and server
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Comment(by harvie):

 I can also say that i've experienced this problem few years ago (on Linux
 - maybe it was even gaim or some of first pidgin versions) and i've lost
 all groups using our national alphabet (luckily i had backup of blist.xml
 - but i still needed to add all friends manualy while reading XML). i've
 rather stoped to use our national letters in group names and it was OK for
 few years (BTW i've used QIP before Pidgin and it was OK even with those
 nasty characters). I thought it was already fixed long time ago, but few
 weeks ago my girlfriend lost almost all of her contacts (on Windows - and
 "only" groups with czech letters again! - well czech letters were in
 almost all group names) - no backup was ever made :-(

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