[Pidgin] #12758: Hanging up a video call freezes other running calls

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Sun Oct 17 16:49:12 EDT 2010

#12758: Hanging up a video call freezes other running calls
 Reporter:  haakon           |     Owner:  Maiku
     Type:  patch            |    Status:  new  
Component:  Voice and Video  |   Version:  2.7.3
 Keywords:                   |  
 Steps to reproduce:
 - start two parallel video calls
 - end one of these calls
 - you can still see and hear participant from the second call, but your
 voice and video is not sent to him anymore

 Problem seems to be in purple_media_backend_fs2_dispose(), where calling

 gst_element_set_state(GST_ELEMENT(priv->confbin), GST_STATE_NULL);

 causes that media sources stop sending data.

 I was able to fix this problem by doing this:

 - gst_object_ref() the confbin we are going to remove
 - remove confbin from the pipeline without setting its state to NULL
 - set confbin state to NULL
 - unreference the element so it gets disposed

 Please see attached patch.

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