[Pidgin] #12760: No prompt when adding MSN contacts when contact limit is reached

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Mon Oct 18 22:39:06 EDT 2010

#12760: No prompt when adding MSN contacts when contact limit is reached
 Reporter:  Rohaq                       |     Owner:  QuLogic
     Type:  defect                      |    Status:  new    
Component:  MSN                         |   Version:  2.7.3  
 Keywords:  msn user add contact limit  |  
 I tried to add a contact to my MSN list through the Pidgin 'Add Buddy'
 menu item. I added them, and it said that it would request authorization,
 however my contact claimed to never have received anything of the sort.

 I deleted a few contacts and tried again, and my contact received the add
 request. Based on my previous dealings with the official Windows Live
 Messenger, I'm guessing that there is no handling in place when adding MSN
 buddies when your contact list has reached it's limit: I believe that this
 was 150, last I checked.

 I believe that Pidgin should handle this, rather than leaving the user
 thinking that the add request was successful; a prompt should be
 displayed, informing the user that the contact could not be added due to
 the limit being reached. I'd be surprised if the Microsoft servers didn't
 return some kind of error in these cases; Windows Live Messenger seems to
 have no problems interpreting this.

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