[Pidgin] #12793: ICQ: improve authorisation window

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Sat Oct 23 07:12:28 EDT 2010

#12793: ICQ: improve authorisation window
Reporter:  kitler  |        Type:  enhancement                         
  Status:  new     |   Component:  pidgin (gtk)                        
 Version:  2.7.4   |    Keywords:  ICQ, authorisation request, userinfo
 I would like to suggest one small improvement for ICQ protocol.
 When someone ask u for authorisation it is needed to check userinfo for
 details, to distinct spammers and your real buddies.
 Right now window looks like "<SPAMNUMBER> request for authorisation ..."

 If you try to copy <SPAMNUMER> via Ctrl-C, "Join a Chat" window appears.
 So u have to select number manually, then via RMB menu Copy it, then press
 Ctrl-I to open "Get user info" window, paste number there, search. A bit
 complicated process.

 Instead of this <SPAMNUMBER> could be just an active link and by clicking
 on it "Userinfo" window should appear.

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