[Pidgin] #12798: SILC customizable names

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Sat Oct 23 20:49:11 EDT 2010

#12798: SILC customizable names
 Reporter:  mongoose  |     Owner:  elb
     Type:  patch     |    Status:  new
Component:  SILC      |   Version:     
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 The SILC protocol plugin for pidgin contains a few unneeded information
 leaks. For one, it uses your computer account's login name when connecting
 without any option to configure that behavior. A slightly less
 catastrophic problem is it also transmits your local hostname. Although
 it's usually just "localhost," if it isn't that might be something the
 user wants to specify differently.

 So I went and patched the protocol plugin. I don't have monotone commit
 access though so I'll have to just attach the patch here.

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