[Pidgin] #12778: Message not displayed due to incorrect encoding

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Sun Oct 24 12:58:41 EDT 2010

#12778: Message not displayed due to incorrect encoding
 Reporter:  huha42    |        Owner:  ivan.komarov
     Type:  defect    |       Status:  new         
Milestone:            |    Component:  ICQ         
  Version:  2.7.4     |   Resolution:              
 Keywords:  encoding  |  

Comment(by ivan.komarov):

 Actually, I think [bdd595e337b713f91bbff47014045749edabdad0] is not to
 blame for that problem; it was just a harmless refactoring. I think it has
 to do with my [5d7f417b73c2c02920d3342edf6ab5f6431f0432] commit, which
 made Miranda send us channel 2 messages instead of channel 1 messages (the
 debug log confirms that).

 Channel 2 allows a client to specify an encoding string (such as
 "iso-8859-1") for a message. For some reason, non-Unicode versions of
 Miranda don't specify the encoding at all, so naturally we assume it's
 UTF-8 and fail. Daniel is probably right, we should try the encoding from
 the account options before giving up.

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