[Pidgin] #14371: Voice/Video: Improve reporting of errors

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Sat Jul 2 07:18:20 EDT 2011

#14371: Voice/Video: Improve reporting of errors
 Reporter:  haakon                       |     Owner:  Maiku
     Type:  patch                        |    Status:  new  
Component:  Voice and Video              |   Version:  2.9.0
 Keywords:  farsight error notification  |  
 In gst_handle_message_element() seems many errors reported from Farsight
 are just written to debug log before call silently terminates leaving user
 without any visible clue what went wrong. Some of these silent errors
 denote incomplete installation, missing codecs or GStreamer plugins. I
 propose to display these more prominently to the user so he can perform
 needed actions to fix the problem.

 Also, in pidgin_media_error_cb(), when we don't have open conversation
 where error message could be written, I propose displaying popup window
 instead. Showing it only in the status bar is not very distinctive.

 The patch address some of the problems described in #12797

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