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#14393: chat rooms have multiple copies of people
 Reporter:  alderhost     |     Owner:  rekkanoryo
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Component:  unclassified  |   Version:  2.9.0     
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 I am using pidgin to connect to Jabber Inc.'s original XMPP server
 installed within our enterprise.  After upgrading to 2.9.0, all persistent
 chat rooms, my client connects to shows multiple copies of the same user
 in the chatroom.  Each time I go through the cycle of disconnecting and
 connecting to the server - for instance when moving taking my laptop off
 the dock, going from wired to wireless network.  Pidgin immediately
 reconnects to the jabber server and I see an additional instance of myself
 and every other participant in the room.  I do not quit out pidgin or shut
 my laptop down in the evening, I simply close the lid and hibernate/sleep.
 When I open the laptop in the morning, the network connections re-
 establish and pidgin reconnects to my jabber server.

 This behavior did not happen before the 2.9.0 upgrade.  I have attached a
 screen shot, my userid is ald****n_s in the screen shot.  The scenario
 shows 3 instances of me, two of users Kevin and Mark, and one of user
 szy****ki_m (Mike).  When I logged in, Mark and Kevin were in the room.  I
 am guessing they were also online in the room yesterday when I logged off.
 Mike logged into the room after I did this morning, but logged out before
 I did yesterday.

 If I close the chat window and re-open it, this behavior goes away until I
 am disconnected and reconnect to the room again.  If I close the pidgin
 application altogether and open it again the chat room behavior is
 identical to closing the window, and the behavior repeats if I get
 disconnected and reconnect.

 I have verified on both our jabber servers that I do not have multiple
 stale sessions remaining open.

 I have used gimp to blur conversation and full names/userid's for security
 purposes.  The chat section shows conversation during the business day
 yesterday, with users who were not logged into the room when I captured
 the screen shot.

 I am not sure what Pidgin and the Jabber Inc. clients do differently about
 people's names in the room, but all pidgin clients report the userID (our
 format is last-name_first-initial) in the room, where the Jabber Inc.
 clients report nickname (first-name last-name).  This is why you see my
 userID (the first three entries in the screen shot), instead of my name.

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