[Pidgin] #14396: Icons disappearing

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#14396: Icons disappearing
 Reporter:  pthoth   |     Owner:  hbons
     Type:  defect   |    Status:  new  
Component:  artwork  |   Version:  2.9.0
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 When i am messaging for a certain period of time, my emoticon images
 somehow become replaced by texts that would trigger the emoticons. example
 the ":D" would trigger a smiley face but after a while the ":D" emoticon
 images would not appear anymore until i reopen a new chat dialog.

 I have a Pidgin-Encryption installed and whenever the encryption mode is
 enabled, it would have a lock icon next to the secured messages. After a
 while, the lock icon would be replace by the "PECRYPT" instead of the lock

 May i know why would the images and icons turn into text after chatting in
 a conversation window for a while ?

 I have attached an edited screen shot below for reference.

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