[Pidgin] #14439: Feature Request: Ignore invalid SSL Certificate

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Wed Jul 20 20:57:07 EDT 2011

#14439: Feature Request: Ignore invalid SSL Certificate
 Reporter:  drea         |        Owner:  rekkanoryo
     Type:  enhancement  |       Status:  pending   
Milestone:               |    Component:  libpurple 
  Version:  2.9.0        |   Resolution:            
 Keywords:               |  
Changes (by darkrain42):

  * status:  new => pending


 Right.  We display "all" the things wrong with a certificate, but you get
 the prompt each time you log in because of the fact it's expired.  I'd
 suggest getting the server admin to fix the certificate (simply resigning
 it is pretty easy), or if that is entirely totally not an option, use a
 different IRC network^W^W^W^W^Wuse stunnel or similar

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