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#14452: username at gmail.com disconnected. Unable to connect
 Reporter:  tkcraig11       |        Owner:  darkrain42 
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 In short your problem is that your network has a broken DNS server (DNS is
 the system that your computer uses to translate a hostname, like
 gmail.com, into an IP address).

 In general when this happens the fault is the router (Cisco, linksys,
 netgear, etc.) that is in use on the local network (since many of the
 older models and some of the newer ones implement their own DNS servers
 and do so badly).

 When that is the case the solution to the problem is to reconfigure the
 router to not act as a DNS server (which is the workaround mentioned in
 the FAQ).

 When the problem is some other DNS server failing to return a result there
 is often less you can do about it directly and the workaround at the end
 of the next (related) question is needed (the one about adding a connect
 server to the pidgin account configuration).

 That nslookup string is a command that can be used from a shell/command
 prompt to test the DNS server currently in use for the problem being

 If you aren't using OpenWRT (you would know if you were) then you can
 ignore that bit of the FAQ entry.

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