[Pidgin] #14456: Gmail Chat interface is slow.

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#14456: Gmail Chat interface is slow.
 Reporter:  kevintbush   |     Owner:  darkrain42
     Type:  defect       |    Status:  new       
Component:  Google Talk  |   Version:  2.9.0     
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 This may seem like a strange issue and I will try to explain it.
 I am using the Google Talk and when I chat to one specific user, the
 interface is slow.
 When I have the chat box (with specific user) opened I am experiencing
 Minimizing and restoring the window, there is a 3-5 second delay.
 Switching between tabs within the chat interface I am seeing a 3-5 second
 delay. When I send a message to the user I am seeing a 3/5 second delay.
 This only happens with one user. Any other user on Google Talk or any
 other chat protocol, I am not having this problem. To me it would make
 sense if it was an entire protocol.

 I am using the latest version of pidgin 2.9.0. I have tried using
 different computers to isolate the problem. However the problem followed
 me. I have disabled all of the 3rd party applications.
 The other user is not using pidgin. However, I talk to many people on
 gmail who do not use pidgin. Still it only seems to be 1 specific user. I
 used wireshark to see if messages were being sent differently between this
 user versus other users. The messages seemed to be the same.

 If there is any way that I can help isolate this issue, I would be glad to
 help. Also, is there any information that I can provide to further

 Thank you,

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