[Pidgin] #11807: MSN high memory usage for particular user

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Tue Jul 26 03:24:36 EDT 2011

#11807: MSN high memory usage for particular user
 Reporter:  hanzz   |        Owner:  QuLogic
     Type:  defect  |       Status:  closed 
Milestone:          |    Component:  MSN    
  Version:  2.6.6   |   Resolution:  invalid
 Keywords:          |  
Changes (by hanzz):

  * status:  new => closed
  * resolution:  => invalid


 Finally got motivation to track this down. It's caused by libxml2. Check
 last paragraph at http://xmlsoft.org/xmlmem.html. I've added
 malloc_trim(0); into my app (for Linux only) and it works great.

 Closing this, because it's not libpurple bug, but expected libxml2/kernel

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