[Pidgin] #13542: expose function via dbus to get 'unseen-count'

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Mon May 2 21:56:51 EDT 2011

#13542: expose function via dbus to get 'unseen-count'
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Comment(by deryni):

 (21:08:41) Masca: Someone with major dbus knowledge should take a look at
 this. #13542
 (21:41:57) deryni: That's a fall-out of (ab)using conversation data for
 things that really should be specifically supported (the same basic
 problem I have with the recent ConvBuddy hash table stuff).
 (21:42:16) deryni: The easiest solution is likely to write a dbus level
 wrapper function for it.
 (21:57:46) Masca: deryni: Like a
 purple_conversation_data_get_unread_count() ?
 (21:58:49) deryni: Honestly, I'd just go with
 (21:59:04) deryni: And leave libpurple to catch up if we eventually pull
 it out officially.

 The other side of the coin is that when we actually get GObjectified
 conversations we aren't going to want to be playing these sorts of data
 games with under-specified fields and the automatic GObject/DBus
 registration stuff would ideally export all of this stuff for us (or at
 least make doing so trivial).

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