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#13962: EVF - How To Use A Camera Lens Hood
 Reporter:  evf02                   |     Owner:  darkrain42
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 One of the most common features when it comes to camera's is what you call
 as the hood on the camera lens. Their is a need for you to know how to use
 it to be able to use well your '''[http://www.zacuto.com/zfinderevf
 EVF]''' on the '''camera'''. In order for you to use a '''EVF camera'''
 lens hood, you have to check the Internet for the steps when it comes to
 this things so that you will know what to follow.


 Aside from that, you have to see to it that the
 '''[http://www.zacuto.com/zfinderevf EVF]''' on your '''camera''' is still
 working so that you can use your camera for video taking. On the other
 hand, you have to check on the manual of your camera so that you will know
 how to use the '''electronic viewfinder''' and you can also adjust the
 lens hood which is important when you taking videos on your camera.

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