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#13947: Ability to create 1000+ accounts
 Reporter:  gugu                         |        Owner:           
     Type:  patch                        |       Status:  new      
Milestone:  Patches Needing Improvement  |    Component:  libpurple
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 Keywords:  accounts spectrum            |  
Changes (by darkrain42):

  * milestone:  => Patches Needing Improvement


 I'd like to see this use a different delimiter, which is totally unlikely
 to ever appear in a valid account name ('|' is valid in an XMPP resource)

 I'd also like to see the lists go away totally in 3.0.0.

    * the lookup functions should be 'static' (not exported outside of the
 C file), and don't need to have the purple_accounts_ prefix (they don't
 need not to have it either)
    * You cannot insert a key (gchar*) into the hash table and then free
 that gchar*.  The main idiom which would be used here would be for the
 hash table to "steal" the key (and be responsible for freeing it), or make
 a copy.
    * The change on line 3000 doesn't make sense (why is it there?  Is that
 a programming error, or a valid condition that could be reached under odd
    * This is wrong (you need braces after the if statement in order for
 the return to not just short-circuit the entire function):
         if (g_hash_table_lookup(accounts_hash, lookup_key) != NULL)
         2896            g_free(lookup_key);
 2876    2897                    return;

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