[Pidgin] #13898: How do I turn on xmpp stream compression?

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#13898: How do I turn on xmpp stream compression?
 Reporter:  mitrich             |        Owner:  deryni 
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  Version:  2.7.11              |   Resolution:         
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 Your server is busted somehow. What server software is this? How is it
 configured exactly? Have you looked at (do you have access to) its logs?
 Do they say anything useful?

 Without stream compression miranda has the same problem pidgin does. The
 server simply stops responding. Miranda sends five iq qet requests at
 timestamp 20:04:09. The server responds to the first two (the first of
 which triggers an additional iq get from miranda) and then simply stops
 talking. Two minutes later miranda gives up.

 With compression turned on the server doesn't stop responding.

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