[Pidgin] #14004: Support for setting up a global accounts.xml temple for new users

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Mon May 9 05:14:23 EDT 2011

#14004: Support for setting up a global accounts.xml temple for new users
Reporter:  alavaliant  |        Type:  enhancement
  Status:  new         |   Component:  libpurple  
 Version:  2.7.11      |    Keywords:             
 It would be useful for administrators of large networks to have
 pidgin/libpurple support creating a /etc/purple/accounts.xml file similar
 to the current ability to create a /etc/purple/prefs.xml which is used to
 preseed settings for new users of pidgin.

 (I support a lot of users who each need their pidgin setup to connect to
 our companies internal jabber server when they start, I can preseed some
 sensible prefs in our company linux image but I can't predfine their
 account setup).

 In my mind this enhancement request would require two parts;

 1) more or less copy the existing code that checks for
 /etc/purple/prefs.xml and copies it over for new users, but to check for
 accounts.xml as well

 2) allow for environment variables or a similar data source to be embedded
 in config files and translate back to the value of the environment
 variable when the file is loaded.   e.g.   for the template rather than
 <name>user127 at blah.com</name>
 could be placed which would load in the value of the USER environment
 variable in the place of ${USER}  letting that one line cover generating
 the right settings for all users on a network for their companies IM

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