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#2939: Blocking does not work properly (at least on MSN)
 Reporter:  pi                    |        Owner:  khc
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  Version:  2.1.1                 |   Resolution:     
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Comment(by salinasv):

 Replying to [comment:12 cydon]:
 > I just tested blocking in MSN on pidgin version 2.7.11 for windows. The
 other person running the official microsoft client version could see me
 online and receive my messages but I did not receive any messages from

 If your buddy can see you online, then that problem is different from this
 one. Take a look at open tickets, if you don't find anyone with the same
 problema, file a new ticket.

 > Also, even after deleting the contact the other person could still see
 me online and send me messages and I also could send messages as well.

 Deleting a contact in MSN never had anything to do with the fact that he
 can see you online or not. Deleting just means that you don't want to see
 the buddy in your buddy list.

 > Seriously now, I appreciate very much the effort open source developers
 put into programs with no compensation whatsoever but this has been
 ignored for 4 years. I have been waiting for this to be fixed for 3. The
 only reason I was not impatient is that I very rarely use the block
 function. So, the question is this. Are you ever going to fix this or will
 I have to (regrettably) change my client?

 If you have followed this ticket, there was a suggested solution (write a
 plugin that discard messages from a blacklist). Sending back a "user is
 offline" when blocked and allowing Offline Messages when it is not seems
 like a broken privacy policy to me since it get easy to know when someone
 blocked you.

 > To hell with winks, handwritten messages and voice clips. We are talking
 about basic functionality here that creates huge privacy problems when its
 not implemented and you only find out when you test it. Are you serious
 about creating a client for the MSN as well or not?

 As you may know, MSN is not an open protocol, there is too little and not
 always 100% accurate documentation extracted by people in their free time
 by back engineering the protocol. Features get implemented as they are
 known how they works (and when people have time to code it).

 Sure there are priorities, but there are also closed-protocol related

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