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#14064: Disable "Create New Room" dialog window
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Changes (by deryni):

  * status:  new => pending


 That dialog pops up whenever a *new* XMPP chat room is created. It does
 not pop up every time a chatroom is joined. So this sounds like you should
 simply configure the XMPP chat room in question to be "persistent" (not
 the right-click menu option in the pidgin buddy list but the
 persistent/permanent setting in the room configuration dialog for the chat

 If you can't do that (because the server doesn't allow you to do so for
 example) then that's a different issue and you should see about either
 asking the server admin to make it persistent.

 If that isn't possible then you will likely need to look into whether a
 plugin could be made to work around this for you.

 But automatically accepting the defaults for a new chat room isn't an
 acceptable option for pidgin in general.

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