[Pidgin] #13298: Cannot add msn buddy: error msg about invalid email address

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Mon May 16 13:41:59 EDT 2011

#13298: Cannot add msn buddy: error msg about invalid email address
 Reporter:  flohack  |        Owner:  QuLogic
     Type:  defect   |       Status:  closed 
Milestone:  2.7.11   |    Component:  MSN    
  Version:  2.7.9    |   Resolution:  fixed  
 Keywords:           |  

Comment(by IWorkInPixels):

 I was getting that error message on 2.7.9, so I came here and read through
 the thread, and upgraded to 2.7.11 and had the other person attempt to add
 me, per nargles' comment.  So now I can't reproduce the original error
 message because I'm getting the symptoms described in my previous post...
 the friend request from that person never gets resolved, and every time I
 log in I have to manually add him in order to see him online.

 If there's a separate ticket for the symptoms nargles and I described,
 feel free to move all of this discussion there.

 Here's the entire build info:

 Pidgin 2.7.11 (libpurple 2.7.11)

 Build Information
   Plugins: Enabled
   SSL: SSL support is present.
   GTK+ Runtime: 2.16.6
   Glib Runtime: 2.20.5

   Library Support
     Cyrus SASL: Enabled
     Gadu-Gadu library (libgadu): Internal
     GtkSpell: Enabled
     GnuTLS: Disabled
     Network Security Services (NSS): Enabled
     Perl: Disabled
     Tcl: Disabled
     Tk: Disabled
     UTF-8 DNS (IDN): Disabled
     Voice and Video: Disabled

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