[Pidgin] #14094: Multiple SSL certificates for the same domain

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Tue May 17 08:24:18 EDT 2011

#14094: Multiple SSL certificates for the same domain
Reporter:  yourealwaysbe  |        Type:  defect                                         
  Status:  new            |   Component:  libpurple                                      
 Version:  2.7.9          |    Keywords:  certificate ssl multiple domain validate always
 I have a server (say, myserver.com) running both an IRC server and an XMPP
 server.  There is a different, self-signed, SSL certificate for each.
 These need to be manually validated and cached since they cannot be
 automatically verified.

 After validation, the certificate is stored as .purple/.../myserver.com.
 Because i have two accounts for myserver.com, they overwrite each other's
 cached certificate, which means i have to manually verify them each time.
 This is obviously a little annoying...

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