[Pidgin] #14075: Option to make "Saved Statuses" window System Modal

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Tue May 24 09:02:48 EDT 2011

#14075: Option to make "Saved Statuses" window System Modal
 Reporter:  Swifty            |        Owner:  rekkanoryo  
     Type:  plugin request    |       Status:  new         
Milestone:  Plugin Suggested  |    Component:  unclassified
  Version:  2.7.11            |   Resolution:              
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Changes (by deryni):

  * type:  enhancement => plugin request
  * milestone:  => Plugin Suggested


 It is absolutely *not* and "ideal" solution, however it is certainly a
 "functional" one. I'm not arguing that it isn't.

 I'm arguing that this isn't something that every application in the world
 should specifically need to handle on its own (it is *exactly* the sort of
 thing that window management tools are designed and intended to handle for
 you, that's why they exist at all).

 I'm also arguing that a plugin is the right place for a "niche" feature
 like this as it can be tailored to do *exactly* what is desired (which in
 this case is an obvious "I'm away!" indication that allows for quickly
 setting the status back to some sort of Available status).

 The status window fulfills that need but isn't designed for it, a window
 designed for that purpose would likely be simpler in exposed functionality
 (for example).

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