[Pidgin] #14033: Pidgin 2.7.11-2 crashes on a audio call

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Tue May 24 13:49:57 EDT 2011

#14033: Pidgin 2.7.11-2 crashes on a audio call
 Reporter:  manty   |        Owner:  Maiku          
     Type:  defect  |       Status:  closed         
Milestone:  2.8.0   |    Component:  Voice and Video
  Version:  2.7.11  |   Resolution:  fixed          
 Keywords:          |  

Comment(by manty):

 Great, it doesn't seem to crash anymore. It just draws a little window and
 then this window disappears. The first problem here is that there is no
 message of a posible error or whatever, the user will just say "Hey, what
 is happening here?". The second problem would be that audio/video calling
 is not working, at least on my setup, is there anything I can do to help
 debugging this audio/video calling?

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