[Pidgin] #14201: Users with mobile phone information remain "available"

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Sun May 29 17:09:45 EDT 2011

#14201: Users with mobile phone information remain "available"
 Reporter:  Horscht                     |        Owner:  QuLogic
     Type:  defect                      |       Status:  pending
Milestone:                              |    Component:  MSN    
  Version:  2.7.11                      |   Resolution:         
 Keywords:  MSN mobile phone available  |  
Changes (by Horscht):

  * status:  pending => new


 I am not entirely sure what you mean with "mobile client". The contacts
 are not running a mobile client, they merely have their cell phone number
 in their profile. Sending a message to a user that appears available
 allthough he isn't wont deliver the message to him. He wont get an SMS,
 nor will he receive it as a offline message the next time he signs in.

 I will post a debug log as soon as I can.

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