[Pidgin] #14151: icq: idle status change doesn't work if invisible

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Wed Nov 2 11:56:03 EDT 2011

#14151: icq: idle status change doesn't work if invisible
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Comment(by deryni):

 Why would you want to become visible when you walk away from the computer?

 I'm assuming what you mean is that you want to let people who are already
 in contact with you or can already see you know that you have stepped away
 (which isn't quite the same thing)?

 If you are ok with an auto-reply message you can use that to respond to
 people when you are idle as an indication of that fact (I believe ICQ
 supports that). If you aren't then that doesn't really lend itself to a
 good solution since there isn't a good solution (other than becoming
 visible which still seems insane to me).

 A checkbox of that sort certainly could work (though it'd read when "when
 away") but I'm really not sure it is necessary as I believe this to be the
 first time anyone has really complained about this.

 You might be able to use a complex custom status to get what you want
 actually. If your custom status has a global status of available but sets
 your accounts to invisible that might be available enough for the idle
 detection code to kick in.

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