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#14730: Avatar bug
 Reporter:  tzony                |     Owner:  sulabh.dev
     Type:  defect               |    Status:  new       
Component:  Yahoo!/Yahoo! JAPAN  |   Version:  2.10.0    
 Keywords:                       |  
 Hello. I use yahoo.com maillbox. I have seen a problem when avatars are
 not refreshing themselfs in my messenger list when a user change his

 And I think I know why this happend. I have seen that pidgin create a
 cache folder where he put all the avatars. In this folder ('Documents and
 Settings\%USER%\Application Data\.purple\icons') the avatars picture names
 are in some kind of hexa code like

 I did get to resolve this bug to ensure that pidgin refresh the avatars
 from the users from my YM list, I change the names of the picture avatars
 from that hexa code to some text or numbers and when pidgin can't find an
 avatar picture with that hexa code name, I think pidgin then send a
 request to YM server for a new avatar picture for that user. Can you guys
 make this an automatic process, I dont know for shure, but maybe you can
 verify the new avatars from the server with the change date (or creation
 date of the avatar) from the avatar picture. If the change date (or
 creation date) of the avatar is newer than the avatar from the cache
 folder, then pidgin rename the old avatar (is great to have an history of
 the avatars) and get the new avatar from the YM server.

 Sorry for my english. I hope you will fix this avatar refreshing bug.
 Thank you. You have created a great messenger software.

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