[Pidgin] #14736: Unable to send offline messages

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Wed Nov 9 08:16:13 EST 2011

#14736: Unable to send offline messages
 Reporter:  Arunyan                 |     Owner:  MarkDoliner
     Type:  defect                  |    Status:  new        
Component:  AIM                     |   Version:  2.10.0     
 Keywords:  offline message unable  |  
 I searched for any similar issue but all I found were years old tickets so
 I'm really at loss why it's happening to me now with the current version.
 Basically every time I try to send an offline message from my AIM account
 all I get is:

 '''Unable to send message: Not logged in'''

 Debug gives me this:
 (13:33:28) oscar: Message error with bn *username* and reason 4 and
 errcode 18

 It happened to me first time yesterday after I sent numerous offline
 messages that went through. After some point I opened that person again
 and tried to send some more offline messages but got this error. The
 people I sent offline messages to came online ever since then but I still
 can't send any offline messages to them now that they are offline again.

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