[Pidgin] #14743: UI lag in populated IRC rooms

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Fri Nov 11 23:15:37 EST 2011

#14743: UI lag in populated IRC rooms
 Reporter:  JeosAdn               |     Owner:  elb   
     Type:  defect                |    Status:  new   
Component:  IRC                   |   Version:  2.10.0
 Keywords:  lag IRC UI interface  |  
 I'm running Pidgin 2.10.0 (libpurple 2.10.0)
 93051ef2d941be32785c5fbb788ae3b0a0935b4d on Windows 7.

 The entire program experiences lag (becomes unresponsive, typing is
 delayed, minimizing takes time, basically the entire program lags) when
 chatting in a very populated and active IRC room (1000-4000 people).

 The lag is not continuous, but frecuent enough to make the program
 unusable. I've had this problem happen in various servers and channels,
 some of the are:

 irc.quakenet.org #Teamliquid
 day9tv.jtvirc.com #day9tv
 mlg_live.jtvirc.com #mlg_live

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