[Pidgin] #10454: Removed group/buddy keeps showing up

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Mon Nov 21 13:10:50 EST 2011

#10454: Removed group/buddy keeps showing up
 Reporter:  peemmfivekay  |        Owner:  rekkanoryo
     Type:  defect        |       Status:  new       
Milestone:                |    Component:  AIM       
  Version:  2.6.2         |   Resolution:            
 Keywords:                |  

Comment(by joaco.espinosa):

 I've downloaded version 2.10.0 and this issue still comes up. Could
 anybody fix this? I have two unknown groups (which I'd like to remove) and
 they won't keep showing up (after restart, of course). I'm using my
 facebook account with XMPP protocol.

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