[Pidgin] #12623: Sametime not working with Sametime Server 8.5.1

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#12623: Sametime not working with Sametime Server 8.5.1
 Reporter:  kay1234  |        Owner:  siege   
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Comment(by BACON):

 I'm using Pidgin 2.10.0 to connect to a recently-upgraded Sametime server
 and in this case the error message when connecting was "Not Authorized",
 even after applying some of the accounts.xml modifications listed in
 previous comments.  The official Sametime client I have is 8.0.2 embedded
 in Lotus Notes 8.5.2, so looking at
 [https://www-304.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21114318 How to
 determine the Client type that is connecting to a Sametime server] I set
 my client_id_val to 4668 (0x123c)...

 <setting name='fake_client_id' type='bool'>1</setting>
 <setting name='client_id_val' type='int'>4668</setting>

 ...and was then able to connect using Pidgin.  Also, if you have access to
 your Sametime server's sametime.ini configuration file, in the [Config]
 section the VPS_ALLOWED_LOGIN_TYPES value contains a list of client IDs
 the server will accept.  Note that they're stored in hexadecimal, whereas
 Pidgin apparently uses decimal.

 It would be nice if the Pidgin UI provided a drop-down list with the
 client types in that document, so manually looking up the ID and modifying
 accounts.xml wouldn't be necessary.

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