[Pidgin] #14662: Global buddy icon changer no longer works

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Thu Oct 13 04:44:38 EDT 2011

#14662: Global buddy icon changer no longer works
 Reporter:  Patashu                  |     Owner:  rekkanoryo
     Type:  defect                   |    Status:  new       
Component:  unclassified             |   Version:  2.10.0    
 Keywords:  buddy icon icons avatar  |  
 I recall at one point setting my buddy icon for all accounts at once by
 using the icon in the lower right.
 However, now I try changing it to different pictures and to nothing, and
 none of the accounts' buddy icons change, and everyone I ask says my buddy
 icon hasn't changed.
 However, when I change the buddy icons of my individual accounts they show
 up to other people as having changed.

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